Single Side Flex Printed Super Conductive Electronics PCB

Single Side Flex Printed Super Conductive Electronics PCB

Circuit board maintenance is a new repair industry. In recent years, the degree of automation of industrial equipment is more and more high, so the number of industrial boards in various industries is also more and more, industrial Control board damage, replace the high cost of circuit board (less than thousands of yuan, or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan) also become a very headache for enterprises. In fact, the vast majority of these damaged circuit boards in the country can be repaired, and the cost is only to buy a new board of 20%-30%, the time is also more than the time of the foreign fixed board much shorter

Product Details


What products Found can supply?
   Found supplies fr4 PCB,PCBA,FPC and assembly.
What kind of material Found can produce with?
     Found offers CEM1,CEM3,FR4,Aluminum substrate,etc.
What kind of surface finish Found can make?
   Found can make HASL lead/lead free,gold finishing.

Our Mission:
Credit on Customers/Focus on Quality/Rely on Management/Keen on Improvement

Requested information for Flex PCB: 
1. Gerber file & BOM list if possible
2. PCBA Samples
3. Testing procedure & Testing fixtures
4. Order Quantity
5,ODM Capability:
Till now we have successfully developed Analogue high performance FM transmitter, Wide frequency 
stereo transmission circuit, SSB communication system, High performance wave receiving antenna, 
Digital Frequency Hopping Radio Set, Digital Addressing communication system, etc. Moreover, We 

fulfill establishing DNC Wireless to specialize in wireless module as 0-3000MH


Features-Our Products Advantage 
1. Over 10 years experience manufacturer in PCBA service field.
2.  Big scale of producing makes sure that your purchase cost is lower.
3. Advanced production line guarantees stable quality and long life span.
4. Design and produce almost any PCB as your requirement.
5. 100% test for all customized pcb products 
6. One-stop Service ,we can help to purchase the compnents

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