Edge Plating Single Sided 3OZ PCB

Edge Plating Single Sided 3OZ PCB

Edge Plating Single Sided 3OZ PCB

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Edge plating single sided 3OZ pcb is a very unique pcb. Its production requires refined technology, and our company has this technology. I believe that if you choose our company, you will not be disappointed.


1) The copper weight of the track ≥105μm
2) The most designs are plane winding coil of wire
3) Withstand high current and have good heat dissipation

Typical Applications
1) Power convertion module boards which are used in automotive electronics and electric equipment;
2) DC-DC converters for hybrid electric vehicles;
3) Power electronics technology

PCB Products
1) FR-4 up to 12oz (420μm)
2) Metal core up to 10oz(350μm)
3) Ceramic core up to 10oz(μm)

Printed Circuit Board Capability
Layer Counts1-32
Substrate MaterialFR-4(including High Tg 170, High CTI>600V); Aluminum based; RO4350B, RO4003C; Polyimide, 94HB and FR-1 (upon request)
Maximum SizeFlying test: 900*600mm, Fixture test 460*380mm, No test 1100*600mm
Board Outline Tolerance±0.0059" (0.15mm)
PCB Thickness0.0157" - 0.3937" (0.40mm--10.00mm)
Thickness Tolerance(T≥0.8mm)±8%
Thickness Tolerance(t<0.8mm)±10%
Insulation Layer Thickness0.00295" - 0.1969" (0.075mm--5.00mm)
Minimum Track0.003" (0.075mm)
Minimum Space0.003" (0.075mm)
Outer Copper Thickness35µm--420µm (1oz-12oz)
Inner Copper Thickness17µm--420µm (0.5oz - 12oz)
Drill Hole(Mechanical)0.0059" - 0.25" (0.15mm--6.35mm)
Finished Hole(Mechanical)0.0039"-0.248" (0.10mm--6.30mm)
DiameterTolerance(Mechanical)0.00295" (0.075mm)
Registration (Mechanical)0.00197" (0.05mm)
Aspect Ratio12:1
Solder Mask TypeLPI
Min Soldermask Bridge0.00315" (0.08mm)
Min Soldermask Clearance0.00197" (0.05mm)
Plug via Diameter0.0098" - 0.0236" (0.25mm--0.60mm)
Impedance Control Tolerance±10%
Surface FinishHASL,HASL LF,ENIG,Imm Tin,Imm Ag, OSP, Gold Finger


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