4 Layer Rigid Flex PCB With ENIG

4 Layer Rigid Flex PCB With ENIG

4 layer rigid flex PCB with ENIG 2OZ copper Green solder mask, Chem Tin

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4 layer rigid flex PCB with ENIG

Chem Tin

Size of Flexible PCB71.25 X 80.38
Number of Layers4
Board TypeRigid-Flexible PCB
Board Thickness0.25mm 
Board MaterialPolyimide (PI) 25µm
Board Material SupplierITEQ
Tg Value of Board Material 60ºC

PTH Cu thickness≥20 µm
Inner Iayer Cu thicknes35 µm (1oz)
Surface Cu thickness35 µm (1oz)

Coverlay ColourBlack
Number of Coverlay2
Thickness of Coverlay25 µm
Stiffener MaterialFR-4 / Stainless steel
Stiffener Thickness1.0mm / 0.2mm

Type of Silkscreen InkIJR-4000 MW300
Supplier of SilkscreenTAIYO
Color of SilkscreenWhite
Number of Silkscreen1

Peeling test of CoverlayNo peelable
Legend Adhesion3M 90ºC No peeling after Min. 3 times test

Surface FinishImmersion Gold
Thickness of Nickle/GoldAu: 0.03µm(Min.); Ni 2-4µm
RoHS RequiredYes

Thermal Shock TestPass, -25ºC±125ºC, 1000 cycles. 
Thermal StressPass, 300±5ºC,10 seconds, 3 cycles. 
No delamination, no blistering.
Function 100% Pass electrical test
WorkmanshipCompliance with IPC-A-600H & IPC-6013C Class 2

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