Multilayer Rigid-Flex 4 Layers PCB Supplier

Multilayer Rigid-Flex 4 Layers PCB Supplier

Model Number:Flexible PCB Base Material:Polyimide Copper Thickness:0.5-1 Oz Board Thickness:0.15mm-0.5mm Min. Hole Size:0.2mm/0.3mm Min. Line Width:0.075mm/0.075mm(3mil/3mil) Min. Line Spacing:0.075---0.09MM Surface Finishing:Immersion Nickel Gold FCCL Material:Electro-deposited Copper Solder mask color:Yellow PI Coverlay Film PI cover film Thickness:25um Fire Retardant Grade:UL94 V-0 Layer:1-8 Layer(flex Board)

Product Details

Rigid-Flex Plus holds a long standing reputation as a strategic Flex, Rigid-Flex circuit fabricator of quick turn prototypes and production. We are driven by customer satisfaction. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality printed circuit board products, within budget and on time.


“When quick turn reliability is crucial to get your products to market on time and within your budget, trust your requirements to Rigid-Flex Plus. Our loyal customer base is built upon RFP’s unparalleled customer service and response time.”Multilayer flexible PCBs comprise three or more layers. Each layer is separated by an insulating material. All the layers are connected with the help of plated through holes (PTH). Connections are featured on all layers of the boards. These PCBs feature high-density connections and are used in critical applications.Multilayer flexible PCBs are used in specific applications that require high number of connections. In today’s technologically advanced era, multilayer flexible PCBs are used in nearly all electronic products and systems. With the advent of PCBs, the possibilities of application design and manufacturing are immense. With flexibility and multiple layers added to the equation, the creativity of the designer is limitless.

Double-Sided & Multi-Layer Flex PCBs

Whether you're looking for a double sided flex circuit or complex multi layer flexible PCBs from your flex PCB manufacturer,Shenzhen Found Circuits can provide you with the guidance, expertise and capabilities to bring your concept to reality. Multi-layer flex boards are being used more often in electronic applications for higher speed performance but at a loss of flexibility. Single-sided or double-sided multi layer flex PCBs can be designed in unique and complex layouts, with a much greater possibility of combinations compared to FR4 board design. Just as multi-layer FR4 boards, the multi layer FPCBs can be designed using blind and buried vias as well as plated through holes (PTH).

Our strong network of manufacturers can push the limits on PCB fabrication technology, with very fine 1 mil traces, RF PCB or HDI PCB technology and more!