Laird Counter Rigid-Flexible Copper PCB

Laird Counter Rigid-Flexible Copper PCB

Laird Counter Rigid-Flexible Copper PCB

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FOUND is a one-stop PCB & PCBA solutions provider, offers PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly

components sourcing, stencils and PCBA testing services, and helps to simplify your job, improve your efficency and focus on your strength. Rigid-Flex PCB's are thermal management circuit boards which use a Flexible material as the heat radiator part of the PCB. They are used in high heat generating application like LED lighting in the area of high power LED lighting, Automotive Interior, Exterior Lighting, Parking Garage Lighting, LED spot light etc. The metal core can be aluminum (aluminum core PCB) and copper (copper core PCB).

PCB Capability:

PCB ItemManufacture Capacity
Layer Counts1--10L
Min. Line Width0.05mm
Min. Hole Size0.15mm PTH
Min. PTH Hole Ring0.45mm
Min. Gap between Cover Layer and Pad0.1mm
Min. Gap between Trace and Outline0.2mm
Trace Width Tolerance+/-0.05mm L≤ 25mm
Hole Size Tolerance+/-0.05mm
Stiffener and Outline Tolerance+/-0.25mm
Surface TreatmentENIG, Gold Plating, HAL, Plating Pb-Sn

Advantages of FPC:

1. Dynamic and Flexible
2. Less space
3. Light weight
4. Stability of High speed transmission current
5. Flexing For Easier Installation
6. Good Insulation

Why us ?

Professional engineer teamhelp you to check design and do engineering before production
Rich expierences in pcb production industryprovide high quality and competitive price pcb
After-sales serviceevery problem you have will get our professional advice and solution
Constant follow upmake us have the fast reaction of your requirement
Inspected by the Inspection InstitutionISO,UL,ROHS cerfiticated


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