Immersion Gold 6OZ PCB Assembly

Immersion Gold 6OZ PCB Assembly

Immersion Gold 6OZ PCB Assembly

Product Details

1. Introduction:

Immersion gold 6OZ pcb assembly is a type of 4 layer PCB board built on FR-4 Tg170 substrate for the applicationof radar detector. It's 1.6 mm thick with white silkscreen on black solder mask and immersion gold on pads. The base material is from ITEQ supplying 4 up boards per panel. Thye're fabricated per IPC 6012 Class 2 using supplied Gerber data. Each 25 panels are packed for shipment.

2. Features and benifits:

A. Industrial standard material with high Tg (175ºC by DSC) and excellent thermal
B. Excellent surface planarity for CSP mounted components to reduce failure rate during
assembly and soldering.
C. AOI inspection
D. Reliability test, insulation resistance test and ionic contamination test
E. 12 hours quotation
F. No minimum order quantity and low cost sample.

3. Application:

Immersion gold 6OZ pcb assembly is widely used in Led Lights, Led Driver,GSM Alarm, Cable Router, AC Inverter, Led Light Kits, Access Controller USB Wireless Modem, Relays (automotive and industrial)


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