Double Sided Yellow Flexible PCB

Double Sided Yellow Flexible PCB

Double Sided Yellow Flexible PCB

Product Details

General description

Double sided yellow flexible pcb means a flexible printed circuit for the application of antenna. It's a single layer boardat 0.15mm thick. The base laminate is from ITEQ, It's fabricated per IPC 6012 Class 2 using
supplied Gerber data. 3M tape is applied on the back side, Polyimide as stiffner on the head.

Features and benifits

A. Excellent flexibility
B. Reducing the volume
C. Consistency of assembly
D. Increased reliability
E. Controllability of electrical parameter design
F. The end can be whole soldered
G. Material optionality
H. Low cost
I. Continuity of processing
J. No minimum order quantity and low cost sample.
K. Meeting your printed circuit board needs from PCB prototyping to mass volume production.


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